My Goals and Accomplishments 2017-2018

Hey there,
While we come to the end of the first month of the New year 2018 let’s continue the excitement of the New Year that we have entered into and focus on the goals we have jotted down.

For me 2017 began with a blast!
A) I graduated, Yippeeee! (Remember, it is never too late to educate yourself … this was on my list for a very very long time I just could not cope up with my studies and work plus family and business until somehow I did, you know what I mean)
B) I created a brand, an online boutique called CRAFTIONERY (
C) Soon we’ll be 4, what do I mean? Well, Carlton & I are expecting a baby, It’s a Girl… Yuhoooooo!
I’m due in March but due to my pregnancy complications I’ve been advised a c-section so I think she will pop out in February itself i.e Next month Gosh, we are all so excited! (Sharing some Gender Reveal and Maternity shoot pics with you).
D) Also, my 9 year old Keishia received Jesus for the first time (Here’s the Cake for her First Holy Communion).

While 2017 began with a blast, I did accomplish one of my goals from last year but I could not accomplish my other goal of travelling … Sad but true, we planned a travel but did not travel … Bummer! So this one is carried forward to my list of goals this year too.
I hope to achieve at least 2 of the following goals this year;
1. Have a craft space for my Home
2. An application for my new brand CRAFTIONERY
3. Travel

I stay in a studio apartment so my craft area is almost anywhere I feel like crafting depending on the project I’m working on. But now with my workshops and orders I feel I should have a dedicated space for my inspiration to flourish.

Decluttering and Organizing my craft area has given me so much of space both in my mind and the craft area. Initially, I took it up as a chore and it ended up being the best feeling I have experienced who knew Decluttering and Organizing could give you so much joy. Truly I feel I have accomplished so much
Here’s how my Craft space looks now

I’d like to share some tips on Decluttering and Organizing my craft area
1. SORT: The first thing to do when you’re starting any organizing or cleaning project (large or small) is to edit. Take a good look at what you have and decide if there’s anything that isn’t being used, is broken, and can be donated or tossed.

2. CLEAN: If you’re cleaning out a drawer or shelf, completely empty it and wipe it down. Once you have this space cleaned out, see if it could be organized better or differently.

3. SEGREGATE: Group like items with like items. Put your fabric together, washi tape, markers, crayons, and paint together. Keeping your items grouped together makes it easier to see what you have and where it belongs.

4. CONTAINERS: Put your supplies together. Recycle boxes, use plastic containers, canning jars, other supplies. Think creatively and try to organize your craft supplies/area without spending money.

5. LABEL: Use a label maker, write on washi or craft tape, or use pre-cut labels. You can even use a permanent marker and write directly on your container. Labels give uniformity to your supplies and show you (and anyone using the supplies) exactly where the stuff needs to be returned to.

Back to School Mode.

It is the time of the year where most return from their holidays and dive into the “Back to School Mode”.
I remember, my first day of school, the first thing I wanted to know was;
A – Whether I still had my friends in my class
B – Who would be my class teacher?
C – How many free periods in my time table … Lel

Every year there were various responsibilities given to each house/team (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow). One of the thumb rule was to prepare a common time table for the respective class one was in…It was challenging, interesting and fun to create.
I still prepare one Keishia every year. She enjoys the process too.

Here’s one I created for her… all prepped for Grade 4…Yippee!!!

I can’t tell whether she is waiting for free periods in her time table but, I can tell she cannot wait to meet her friends.

Here’s a marker board calendar I created for my Kitchen, just thought I’d share it with you.

xo Christine

CRAFTIONERY … an online boutique

Hey Ya’ll
I know it has been a while and this is why…

The Orange Owl Project…your crew to craft, had set out the vision of creating a unique platform to bring Artisans,Makers and Crafters together under one roof. This platform was an attempt to reach out to the quiet ones with the loudest (creative) minds & now that it has met with great success for all in the past year till date, The Orange Owl Project is proud to introduce … CRAFTIONERY,every crafters companion an online boutique for all craft supplies which I’d like to call lil pleasures of our journey on planet earth called “life”.

xo Christine

Bible Journaling

Hey there,

It’s been a long month…no complaints

My projects kept me busy

Conducting projects is so much fun…Involving projects as a part of my daily agenda has given me motivation of some kind.

While hovering on Pinterest I came across this amazing techniques of Bible journaling. It somehow isn’t new to me

Why ? Because I have experience colouring , highlighting & bookmarking my favourite verses  (Psalms & Sirach to be precise)

But I never knew that it had a term called Bible Journaling

Having said that; here are some of my work on my latest learning – Bible Journaling😉


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Happy New Year you lovely readers!!! 🙂

Now that we are in the New Year, we are all set to accomplish our goals and resolutions. I know I’ve begun to plan mine already.

If you don’t have one yet, try treating yourself with a habit to nourish your own personality, it could be anything not necessarily a strict diet or routine but something more healthier for the soul. Cheers to that! 😉

Here are few handmade planners which you can select from for 2017 and some are undated which you could plan yourself. How cool is that!



Talking about planning, For Dubai, apart from The Orange Owl Project you can choose your planners from Creative Crafts who have a great collection of planners too.

For better understanding and benefits of using the planners check out Yearly Planners and Organisers 

So what’s your take on Planners this year?

xo Christine

As 2k17 approaches…

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Hey 🙂
Compliments of the seasons everyone!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Here are different Christmas sweets, all handmade by my contributors Sudha, Angela & Me 









As 2k17 approaches, I’m happy to admit that I almost accomplished my last year’s resolution which was to have breakfast everyday and drink lots of Water.
I say almost because there were times I woke up late and instead of breakfast it was brunch & as for water,hmm… well I cheated at times with juices and other liquids and gave priority to water later. but I did have way more water than I used to in the past….So I’m happy 🙂

I’m glad of the fact, that I was able to focus on my resolutions every time the time arose to accomplish it
Nonetheless, This effort has now become a habit and it is a good thing in a way.
I think every good effort or effective goal we make or try to reach, must turn in to a habit at some point; it can be considered as an attempt to better oneself in order to continue to do the right and good things in life not only for others but also for ourselves once in a while.

This is a year of giving so why not gift ourselves too at least one goal -A Habit to nourish our Personality
What say y’all…???

This year, I plan and achieve goals over resolutions (at least 2).
1. To have a art/craft & party supply brand of my own
2. Travel to a country I’ve never been before (This may sound cliche but its what I wanna accomplish – 1 new country  every year)
Soooooo excited !!!!
Haste is a chase and it makes me nervous so I plan to execute each of my goals one at a time in order to accomplish them all.

So, what you guys have in stock this year…???

xo Christine


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Hi there,
Halloween is near…. A time to be that notorious kiddo once again with Tricks ,Treats ,Dares and not forgetting Scary Pranks – Boo!!! (Title has been inspired from Tyler Perry’s latest movie…Boo! A Madea Halloween. Honestly, I can’t wait to watch it ) Well, until the release of one of my favourite character “Madea”, Take a look at our Halloween line 2016.

Inspired from different sources on social media and by visiting a couple of gift shops, we came up with some creative ideas for this Halloween

Here we go….




Until the ‘HaLLoWs Eve faLLs UpOn uS’…..Happy Halloween Witches…Boo!!!

xo Christine

Back to School – Binder Launch 2016 – 2017

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One of my favourite months – September, Many Birthdays including mine (Blushes 🙂 )

It was also The Orange Owl Project Binder Launch 2016-2017 this month.  I would like to take this opportunity and thank my team in making this possible (It wasn’t easy…I know, but together we have made it possible…Thank you!)

The Orange Owl Project Binder is a great way to document stuff, the colours in this binder are cute, soothing and pretty cool, I must say…

It has a Back To School theme, the patterns inside are so resourceful. It also has sections to jot down your lists, goals, and memories.

Even though technology allows, I still prefer writing things down and I’m sure many of you too.

The warm colors and cute patterns instantly gave the binder a back to school vibe.

Check it out yourself, One of the Lads and One for the Lassies

P.S. You can have yours by visiting the Craftionery

xo Christine


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I love the idea of scrap booking since the time I viewed a couple of them on Pinterest. I realised that I miss photo books and photo albums….like aaaalllllot!

Have you ever come across a time, back when Technology wasn’t this vast in terms of viewing pictures or should I say going down one’s memory lane. Unlike now, where one simply scrolls on the mobile phone or on social media to view pictures rather than the good old days where you sat in your comfort and took a look at a physical photo book/album – it could be a photo album of a wedding, birthday, communion, a new born or a lost loved one or just yourself posing to say cheese 🙂
I would totally understand if some of my best critics would say, “That’s Old School…!” I’d say, ” And I agree”

Its just that, I would like to reinvent the idea of memories by performing the entire exercise all by myself (From clicking the photograph to sticking it in my scrapbook and enjoying my progress & the beautiful memories along with a cup of tea !!! (How’s that for Old school buddy…? 🙂
Memories, How they beautifully take us on a different mode altogether. Don’t they?

I gathered a few special photos of Keishia which I thought I’d create a scrapbook of. So I printed enough to fill an entire album. It’s a great way to exercise and enjoy creativity while ending up with something she or I will be able to show off to our friends and family.
FYI – I used the app called A Color Story which gave me an exceptional range of editing options.

Have a look at my Scrapbook project and share with me some of your work too … I’d like that 🙂

xo Christine

Moving On….

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Loosing a loved one or a job, Failure to fend for oneself is such an emotional roller coaster….

I lost my job last month (yeah, that sucks…) the up’s and down’s of this ride is almost unbearable even thou I realise that this time will pass.

Time moves forward and eventually there WILL be a positive outcome (aaaand yup we already know that….don’t we?) But what we didn’t know is that… that it is the event we must focus on. I thought to myself that I need to keep pushing forward, as terribly difficult that can be…(better than drowning in this pity party)

While we cannot control everything, we must work towards dealing with the things we can control as giving up ain’t an option, It’s time to reach out and find support from those who will listen to you … not judge or lecture. As it is rightly said, If you cannot speak good about someone you’d might as well don’t speak anything at all (slap!)

As part of the “Withdrawal” phase I believe there will be profound loneliness. In terms of loosing a loved one I’m still learning how ??? does one go from being overwhelmed, time spent with loved ones; sweet nothings, a hug, a phone call away friend to a state of hesitation to call, loneliness, afraid of people judging you etc kind a situation in terms of losing a job I’m trying to figure out how to switch from to do lists, meetings, etc kind a schedule to a state of “nothing”. No emails. No Phone Calls. Nothing to drive your day.

Trust me, the issue of loss of self-esteem is something that only “we” can deal with – all the props in the world from friends and family can’t resolve the gut wrenching sense of failure. But I cannot “NOT” Appreciate them for that

I truly am fortunate to all of you my supportive colleagues, friends, mentors and my family who understood my situation and at least did not judge me. Thank you guys!

For those still in the soup of loss and failure I would encourage you to try to approach this as positive as possible… the reality is time rolls on and you WILL eventually move on to something new. I’m classified as being “older” now, so my “something new” might really be something very new and might drive an entirely new lifestyle. But it’s something I’m coming to grips with slowly.

I’m taking charge to view this as a lesson well learnt or you could call it trip to life’s journey… not one I would have booked a ticket for, but something handed to me and told to go execute. It’s all I can do. I think we all need to try not to feel helpless, but try to take control of what you can control i.e.” our actions”. You simply can’t worry about those things outside of your control… Can you?

Well said my friend… It is just a chapter in the past so don’t close the book yet, just turn the page and Move on 🙂

Here are few of my work for last month I’d like to share that were created in my tough times…

xo Christine