Nothing is as unique, personal or well-received as something that’s been lovingly handmade.

Welcome to The Orange Owl Project, a creativity blog focused on embracing our imperfections to Create, Inspire & Cherish. Here at The Orange Owl Project we share a love for craft that thrills and inspires us every day. The Orange Owl Project is a premier guide for projects and workshops both for the adults and children based on everything related to creativity; craft, back to school ideas, design & decor, Eco-friendly living, ideas for gifts and anything you can think of that is related to creativity. We also provide gift supplies and concierge service for all kinds of occasions. Our philosophy is defined by Teaching unique craft techniques, Client satisfaction & Having fun in the process. No matter what it's size, each project is treated with the same passion and dedication to help achieve maximum satisfaction and results. We believe that everyone is creative in some way or the other. So, no matter how much we deny this fact, there is a creative bone in there somewhere. In the beginning, it may seem messy and imperfect but guess what…? No one is flawless and there’s nothing to be ashamed about “Being Imperfect!” Therefore, out goes the idea of not doing anything until its perfect or you won’t do anything at all. We aim to make The Orange Owl Project the place for you to feel inspired, welcomed and excited about craft. So, whether you’re new to crafting and want some advice, a busy mum looking for a school project, or a cross stitch expert seeking new ideas, we’ll help you with everything you need. New to crafting? We’ll help you to get started! We have art and craft activities and inspirational demonstrations at The Orange Owl Project every weekend. And we have weekly workshops too, from knit and natter to seasonal fun. I hope after tasting a piece of the Orange Owl Project, you’ll wanna come back for more. Come! Let’s start another mean to communicate our emotional state through our gifted hands using our moments (high & low) to Create, Inspire and Cherish. The Orange Owl Project – For the Happy Souls, Messy Hands, Loud Minds, Gifted Clans 🙂 Join us in this creative journey of celebrating life’s curious, imaginative, little moments in living simply, and finding beauty in everything that matters and doesn’t.





Why…The Orange Owl Project ?

Orange being a warm and inviting colour; I actually liked the Psychology of this colour as it relates to being flamboyant and has a creative flair. The Owl ofcourse because it symbolises wisdom and the existence of innovative qualities. Wisdom and creativity are considered to be closely associated with each other and this fantastic combination leads to a unique sense of intelligence we exhibit in ourselves but often don't realise. The Orange Owl Project is a one-of creation, an attempt to reach out to the quiet ones, with the loudest minds. Our projects are inspired from DIY-ing, Style & Fashion, Pinterest, Design & Décor, Innovative Contributors and Bloggers, Back 2 School ideas, Eco-Friendly Living, Creative tips and “I want that too” kind of stuff you will love to cherish. I hope you enjoy your visit. Join us for a workshop, a club to learn a new craft technique, a place to get help with your projects and make friends with the like-minded. The Orange Owl Project is on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well. We would love to hear from you! Responding to your questions and comments will be our pleasure! Thank you for stopping by...





When Did The Orange Owl Project Strike???

I’m sure I can draw your minds to remember the days where we'd enjoy art and craft lectures in school, it was the one place where creative ideas flourished. Teachers helping us in learning new techniques and we practising the same for the next lecture was a great routine to have our hands on creating ideas of our own that were useful and inspiring. Being an Crafter, I had my challenges too...I'm passionate about handicraft, I used to work on it after hours and whenever I got the time to, It is when I found myself doing the same projects I used to do alone but only this time doing it in groups (with friends and the like-minded), I found myself inspired with a larger scope of ideas and imaginations. I was inspired not only with the number of projects I completed, but also the amazing ideas I was sold; namely various craft techniques, simpler, elegant and useful projects I can sell and make money out of (don't judge) and fascinating tools I saw others working on and with. I realised its not having an imagination or an idea to create that matters only, getting the idea "Live", or "Full Proof" if I may say, is the Deal! How could I bring this to you "Dear Passionate" I wondered...? I know you might say "If I'm passionate I'd get my project done anywhere and anyhow irrespective the circumstances because it is my idea and imagination and I will pull it off" and I agree, But what if I said, you could do more surrounded by the like-minded and experts in the field just like in the school days (only this time through #theorangeowlproject, Either you come to us OR we come to you), then would you agree too? If your answer is Yes!, The Orange Owl Project welcomes that very passion to the hub filled with handmade items & creative craft workshops leaving you to Inspire, Create and Cherish. The Orange Owl Project does commission projects (to cater the one who would like something handmade but not do it themselves) and assist in school projects (for students). You can shop for handmade gifts too. We provide concierge and door step delivery services within Dubai and Mumbai for all kinds of occasions.